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Since 2010 I've been solving my clients' tax issues. Need to file back taxes? I've got you. Owe more than you can afford to pay? We can figure it out and ask the IRS for help. Faced with a tax problem you don't understand? I speak IRS fluently. If you're ready to hire me, an Enrolled Agent tax professional, I'll help you solve your tax issue for a fair price. Contact me at 949-264-3326 for your FREE consultation today. Authoritax is a company that solves difficult tax problems for our clients. We have the best available financial tools, the brightest professional talent, and superior customer service to produce exemplary results for our clients.

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15 Minute Phone Call

Free 15 minute, tax consultation. Call me at 949-264-3326.

60 Minute Tax Meeting

Reserve your appointment for tax preparation or case investigations. The amount you pay is a deposit against your final invoice amount. Please bring all relevant tax documents to our meeting.

Tax Planning Meeting

Tax planning meeting conducted over the phone, through internet video calls or in person. Have all your materials and questions ready for our meeting. I request you send your questions (max 3) to me before the meeting by email: dean@authoritax.com.